US charges Chinese tech giant Huawei top executive

first_imgWASHINGTON — The U.S. Justice Department is filing charges against Chinese tech giant Huawei.A 13-count indictment was unsealed Monday in New York charging Huawei, two of its affiliates and a top executive at the company.The charges include bank fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, and violating the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.A separate case filed in Washington state charges Huawei with stealing trade secrets from T-Mobile.Meng Wanzhou, the company’s chief financial officer, was arrested in Canada on Dec. 1. Prosecutors allege she committed fraud by misleading American banks about Huawei’s business deals in Iran.Prosecutors charge Huawei used a Hong Kong shell company to sell equipment in Iran in violation of U.S. sanctions.Huawei is the world’s biggest supplier of network gear used by phone and internet companies.Michael Balsamo, The Associated Presslast_img read more

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Tokyo court rejects Ex-Nissan chair Ghosn’s bail request

TOKYO — A court in Tokyo on Tuesday rejected former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn’s latest request for bail, made more than two months after his arrest.The decision by the Tokyo District Court came a day after Ghosn promised to wear an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet, give up his passport and pay for security guards approved by prosecutors to gain release from a Tokyo detention centre.The court announced its decision in a written statement.Ghosn, 64, has been in custody since Nov. 19. He was due for a bail hearing Monday. A Tokyo court rejected an earlier request for bail last week. His lawyers were expected to appeal the decision, as they have earlier rejections of Ghosn’s requests to get out of detention.Ghosn, who led Nissan Motor Co. for two decades, has been charged with falsifying financial reports, in underreporting his compensation from Nissan over eight years, and with breach of trust, centring on allegations Ghosn had Nissan shoulder investment losses and pay a Saudi businessman.Ghosn says he is innocent as the compensation was never decided, Nissan didn’t suffer losses and the payment was for legitimate services.Yuri Kageyama, The Associated Press read more

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Moroccan-Born Israeli Singer Maya Casabianca Dies At 78

Rabat – The Moroccan-born Israeli singer Maya Casabianca 78, died on Sunday, December 31, in the village of Kfar Tavorv village in Israel.Casabianca was born in 1941 in Casablanca, Morocco, as Margalit Azran. Her birth city inspired her stage name.She moved to France with her family in the 1950s where she became a famous singer after she signed a contract with the Philips record company. Casabianca performed with renowned French singers like Yves Montand and Georges Brassens.Read Also: Moroccan Singer of ‘Lalla Fatima’ Hamid Zahir Dies at 81Casabianca’s music was popular in the Arab world, especially in Syria and Lebanon, and even in the Soviet Union. The singer had kept her Jewish identity concealed from the general public and her fans in Russia and the Arab world. Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that some of Casabianca’s most memorable performances were in Moscow when she sang the Israeli national anthem, Hatikva, back when Israel and the Soviet Union did not have diplomatic relations.“The Russians of course didn’t know that I was Israeli; for them I was the French star,” she told Haaretz in 2001. Casabianca later moved with her family to Israel and left her singing career and fame behind. read more

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Washington is 1st state to allow composting of human bodies

SEATTLE — Ashes to ashes, guts to dirt.Gov. Jay Inslee signed legislation Tuesday making Washington the first state to approve composting as an alternative to burying or cremating human remains.It allows licensed facilities to offer “natural organic reduction,” which turns a body, mixed with substances such as wood chips and straw, into about two wheelbarrows’ worth of soil in a span of several weeks.Loved ones are allowed to keep the soil to spread the same way they might spread the ashes of someone who has been cremated.Supporters say it’s more environmentally friendly than embalming or cremation, and it makes sense in cities where land for burials is scarce.The law takes effect in May 2020.Gene Johnson, The Associated Press read more

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Migiro calls for practical ideas in fight against HIVAIDS in Africa

9 September 2008Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro today urged HIV/AIDS experts to focus their efforts on studies leading to practical conclusions that directly contribute to the fight against the lethal disease in Africa, at a United Nations-sponsored academic seminar. Ms. Migiro noted that the pandemic is eroding the gains in economic development across the continent, where some 1.6 million died from AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa in 2007 alone and over 22 million are living with HIV.“The epidemic strikes at the core of human development, killing young adults at the prime of what should be their most productive year,” Ms. Migiro told participants of the symposium on the social and economic dimensions of HIV/AIDS in Africa, held in New York.“The epidemic systematically deprives sectors, such as health, education and agriculture, of skilled workers, thus reducing overall national productivity,” she told the symposium, organized by the UN University and Cornell University.“Many of these sectors heavily impacted are already struggling, and the multiplied effect is crippling,” she added.In her speech the Deputy Secretary-General encouraged academics attending the meeting to draw conclusions from their research that would be useful for organizations such as the UN and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in Africa to strengthen their work on the ground and help local governments to plan.“Research efforts should recommend policies for inclusion in national strategies for dealing with the disease,” she said.Noting that HIV/AIDS has a different impact between and within countries across Africa, Ms. Migiro said that greater efforts should be made to gather information on the exact nature of the disease in a particular area. “Use local universities and local research centres to systematically document information. They are based in Africa, are working in Africa and living in affected communities. This will improve the quality of information available.”Using the example of the relative economic success of Botswana, Ms. Migiro said there are many questions that remain unanswered to effectively combat the disease.“Botswana’s annual GDP growth averaged around 13 per cent from independence in 1966 to 1989. Yet… from 1990 onwards, average annual GDP growth dropped by more than half to 6 per cent [due to the effects of HIV/AIDS on the population],” she said.“Life expectancy at birth also fell sharply from 65 years in the 1990 to 1995 period, to less than 40 years between 2000 to 2005,” she added.She asked researchers to discover how individuals and households respond to an environment where life expectancy drops so dramatically, and whether people are willing to invest in the future or if they feel they have no future.Ms. Migiro also used the opportunity to speak with the HIV/AIDS scholars to draw attention to the role stigma plays in preventing people affected by the disease from seeking treatment. She argued that stigma is a significant factor allowing the epidemic to continue devastating societies across the globe. “Stigma helps make AIDS a silent killer because people fear the social disgrace of speaking openly about the disease, or taking easily available precautions,” she said.“We can fight stigma with enlightened laws and policies. But more importantly, these policies have to be vigorously enforced,” she added.The HIV/AIDS meeting is the third symposium in the UNU-Cornell “Africa Series”, which will help inform the high-level meeting on Africa’s development needs to be held during the General Assembly, starting later this month. read more

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UN calls for restraint following violent clashes in Afghan capital

14 August 2010The United Nations mission in Afghanistan today expressed concern about violent clashes that erupted in the capital on Friday and called on all parties to cease hostilities and exercise restraint. According to media reports, at least two people were killed in the ethnic clashes that broke out in Kabul when Hazara villagers allegedly burnt down the hilltop homes of Pashtun nomads. The UN mission, known as UNAMA, issued a statement voicing concern about ongoing tensions in parts of Kabul, and the reports of loss of life, injuries and damage to property. “The United Nations calls on all parties to cease violence, to exercise restraint and to maintain law and order,” the mission stated.UNAMA, a political mission set up by the Security Council to assist the Government and the people of Afghanistan in laying the foundations for sustainable peace and development, also offered its good offices to all parties to assist them in resolving disputes. read more

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East Timor parliament OKs sea border treaty with Australia

DILI, Indonesia — East Timor’s parliament has voted in favour of ratifying a maritime boundary treaty with Australia that governs how the two countries will share billions of dollars of oil and gas riches lying beneath the Timor Sea.East Timor, one of the world’s youngest and poorest nations, and Australia, one of the richest, signed a historic treaty in March last year drawing their maritime borders, ending years of wrangling. It paves the way for development of the offshore Greater Sunrise gas field.East Timorese independence hero Xanana Gusmao said Tuesday his country was losing $5 million a month while the agreement remained unratified.He said the treaty will be ratified when Australia’s prime minister visits East Timor on Aug. 30, the 20th anniversary of a referendum that granted independence from Indonesia.Oki Raimundos, The Associated Press read more

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Kerry announces new security aid to SE Asia as US rivalry with

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Matthew Lee And Matthew Pennington, The Associated Press Posted Dec 16, 2013 1:30 am MDT Kerry announces new security aid to SE Asia as US rivalry with China intensifies HANOI, Vietnam – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry offered harsh words for China and new maritime security assistance for Southeast Asia on Monday to bolster countries facing growing Chinese assertiveness in a region where the two world powers are jockeying for influence.Tensions are running high after a near-collision of U.S. and Chinese naval vessels this month and an air defence zone China has declared over an area that includes territory controlled by Japan, a U.S. ally. Those actions have raised fresh alarm as Beijing modernizes its military and claims a wide swath of ocean and disputed islands across the East and South China Seas.Kerry used his first visit to Vietnam as America’s top diplomat to reiterate support for diplomacy between Southeast Asia’s regional bloc and Beijing over the territorial disputes, and to provide aid for Southeast Asian nations to defend waters they claim as their own.Kerry pledged $32.5 million, including up to $18 million for Vietnam that will include five fast patrol boats for its Coast Guard. With the new contribution, U.S. maritime security assistance to the region will exceed $156 million over the next two years, he said.“Peace and stability in the South China Sea is a top priority for us and for countries in the region,” Kerry told reporters at a news conference with Vietnamese Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh. “We are very concerned by and strongly opposed to coercive and aggressive tactics to advance territorial claims.”The next stop on his Asian trip will be the Philippines, which lost control of a disputed reef in the South China Sea last year after a standoff with China. The U.S. is also helping equip the Philippines with ships and radar, and is in negotiations with Manila to increase the American military presence there.Kerry said the new assistance was not a “quickly conceived reaction to any events in the region” but rather a “gradual and deliberate expansion” of U.S. support as part of the Obama administration’s broader decision to refocus attention on the Asia-Pacific.But the step is almost certain to anger Beijing, which bristles at what it sees as U.S. interference in areas it views as China’s “core interest.” Beijing looks dimly on Washington’s push to increase the U.S. military presence and strengthen its alliances in Asia as it ends a decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, calling it an attempt to contain China.In a reminder of the high stakes in play, U.S. and Chinese naval vessels came close to colliding in the South China Sea on Dec. 5, the most serious incident between the two navies since 2009.The U.S. Pacific Fleet said Saturday that USS Cowpens was operating in international waters and had to manoeuvr to avoid hitting China’s lone aircraft carrier. The Liaoning, a symbol of China’s ambition to develop a navy that operates further from its own shores, only entered service last year and was on its first-ever sea trials in the South China Sea.Beijing has not formally commented on the incident, but the state-run Global Times newspaper reported on Monday that the U.S. ship had first harassed the Liaoning and its group of support ships, getting too close to a Chinese naval drill and entering within 30 miles of the Chinese fleet’s “inner defence layer.”As China expands its navy’s reach and starts to challenge decades of American military predominance in the region, it’s becoming more common for vessels of the two nations to operate in close proximity. The Obama administration has made it a priority to seek closer military co-operation with China to prevent misunderstandings that could spark a clash — part of a broader push to foster friendly ties between the established world power and the emerging one.Beijing’s unilateral declaration in late November of its East China Sea air defence identification zone was a setback, and has ratcheted up tensions with Japan over disputed islands within that zone. All aircraft entering the zone must notify Chinese authorities beforehand, and China has said it would take unspecified defensive measures against those that don’t comply.The U.S., Japan and South Korea have said they will not honour the new zone, and in a show of defiance soon after China announced it, the U.S. flew two B-52 bombers through the area.The issue loomed large during meetings in Beijing between Vice-President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping in early December, and Kerry offered harsh words about the zone in Hanoi Monday. He said it “clearly increases the risk of a dangerous miscalculation or an accident.” He called for intensified diplomacy to address the issue.“The zone should not be implemented, and China should refrain from taking similar unilateral actions elsewhere, particularly in the South China Sea,” Kerry said, reiterating that such moves by Beijing would not affect U.S. military operations in the region.Three years ago, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, also in Hanoi, raised hackles in Beijing by declaring that the U.S. had a national interest in the peaceful resolution of disputes in the South China Sea, where China, Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines and Vietnam have competing claims. Those disputes have occasionally flared, including a 1988 naval battle between China and Vietnam that left 70 Vietnamese sailors dead.Washington has supported efforts by Southeast Asia’s regional bloc to negotiate collectively with their larger neighbour China on a legally binding code of conduct to manage the disputes. Stressing U.S. neutrality on the competing sovereignty claims, Kerry again called for quick agreement on the code and peaceful resolution of disputes.Those efforts have made some headway in the past year, but Beijing would still prefer to negotiate with each country separately. It regards the entire South China Sea and island groups within it as its own and interprets international law as giving it the right to police foreign naval activity there.____Pennington contributed to this report from Washington. Associated Press writers Chris Brummitt in Hanoi also contributed. read more

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Sri Lanka groundsman Make sure England Test ends within four days I

He will not bowl a ball or face one with the bat when England’s cricketers play their first Test against Sri Lanka later this year. It is no idle boast, according to an undercover investigation that has exposed a form of match-fixing arguably even more devious than those that have come before. But Tharanga Indika has the power to destroy the integrity of their entire tour before a single shot is played. The senior groundsman claims to be able to produce a pitch that would determine the outcome of the game – making it impossible for the match, at Galle, to end in a draw. Footage secretly filmed by Al Jazeera’s investigative unit as part of a programme that will be broadcast on Sunday night shows… read more

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The Pebble project the future of US mining and metals

first_imgThis headline is the latest message from Ronald W. Thiessen, President and CEO of Northern Dynasty Minerals. He notes that “even in the midst of the worst global recession since the 1930s, demand for metals hasn’t slowed all that much. Take copper. Worldwide demand for the red metal has grown by an average of 4% annually since the beginning of the 20th century – from just 500,000 t in 1900 to ~18 Mt today. “While growth in global consumption of copper and other metals will take a breather this year, the long-term demand trend remains intact. In fact, the current economic slowdown may actually exacerbate a growing gap between future metal supply and demand.“The reason is pretty straightforward. While the developed and developing countries of the world continue to demand greater quantities of metal each year to build and modernise their economies, the identification and development of new mineral resources simply isn’t keeping pace. The western or developed regions of the world operate primarily on the availability and use of energy, a crucial driver for the developing economies of the world. Energy in the form of electricity is a key factor in maintaining or improving our economies, and the production of energy in the form of electricity, and its transportation and usage is fundamentally based on the use of mineral resources; from carbon based energy (oil, gas, coal) to transmission or consumption of electricity which uses copper, aluminum, and other metals and minerals. Even production of green energy in the form of solar panels (silicon metal), and wind turbines (steel towers) uses substantial minerals in the production phase, and more again in the transmission and consumption phase.”He then turned his focus on the availability of the mineral resources noting that “base and precious metal deposits are rare and finite. The truth is most of the accessible orebodies on the planet have already been developed. As recently as the 1980s, 100% of mineral deposits brought into production had a surface expression – that is, they were close to surface and easy for geologists to find. That figure dropped to 60% in the 1990s and to less than 20% this decade. Not only are the vast majority of new deposits entirely covered. They’re also much deeper, more remote and therefore more difficult to find and more expensive to exploit.“Even when an orebody is discovered, permitting and building a new mine is risky, expensive and time-consuming. Mine developers confront a range of challenges wherever they operate around the world; Political and regulatory instability, Lack of infrastructure, Uncertain land tenure, Security risks, Labour shortages and Environmental and political activism. These are all risks the global mining industry accepts and has become expert at managing. But it takes time and costs a lot of money, often billions of dollars and 10 years (or more), to advance a mineral prospect to an operating mine.“One of the ways metal producers have sought to maintain or enhance production while minimising risk is by focusing on ‘brownfield’ expansions of existing mines rather than ‘greenfield’ development of new resources. In the case of gold producers, some 90% of new reserves identified between 1997 and 2007 were the product of brownfield expansions or upgrades of previously discovered deposits. Not surprisingly, world gold production has been falling steadily since 2001.“The same dynamic has affected copper producers – so much so that 75% of the largest copper mines on the planet have no further expansion potential. They can exploit the resource in fewer years but there is no room for growth in the total resource, and many will be depleted by 2015. On average, we are now exhausting the equivalent of one of the world’s largest copper deposits each year. One analyst suggests global copper demand will outstrip known supply by 6 Mt by 2016 – the equivalent of 10 or more projects the size of Northern Dynasty’s Pebble project.“There’s at least one more factor contributing to the dearth of new mineral deposits coming on line, and this one is related to the global recession itself. Over the past five years, investment in grassroots mineral exploration had been at or near record levels. But all that changed dramatically when commodity prices and equity markets plunged late last year. Mine operators responded by curtailing exploration activities and focusing on profitable operations, while exploration companies went into survival mode – conserving cash, idling crews and hoping to ride out the financial storm. These are reasonable and prudent business responses to an immediate economic crisis. But in the long run, they will only serve to exacerbate the shortage of new mineral resources being developed to replace rapidly depleting reserves.“The net effect of all these factors should ultimately be a positive one for resources companies (and their shareholders) that own significant late-stage mineral prospects in copper, gold and a range of other metals. Unfortunately, they may also lead to a shortage of raw materials and escalating commodity prices just as countries around the world seek to recover from the current economic crisis.”last_img read more

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Sony is shutting down Star Wars Galaxies

first_imgAfter eight years of serving Star Wars fans, Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts have decided to shut down the Star Wars Galaxies MMO and associated Trading Card Game later this year.No specific reasons have been given for why both parties have decided to do this. Sony has just stated it was a really tough decision, but now it’s set in stone. However, the game is set to go out in style, and Sony have a number of things in mind for existing players.The game servers will be turned off on December 15. Before then, on September 15 you will no longer be able to purchase the trading card game or anything to do with the MMO. This will be followed by an end to all paid subscriptions on October 15, but SOE will allow those users to continue to play for free until the final hours on December 15.SOE has already removed the longer-term subscription plans from the site (3, 6, and 12 month options). Digital card packs for the Trading Card Game have also been removed, If you were signed up for a long-term subscription then expect a pro-rated refund in the next 90 days for whatever time you have left from October 15 onwards.If you do have an existing subscription then it’s worth hanging around until the end in December. SOE is planning a galaxy-ending event of which details will appear in the coming months. SOE is making it clear this will be an event to remember and one it wants all players to be present for.As an added bonus, and an attempt by SOE to get you to switch subscription next year, any player with an active Star Wars Galaxies account can start playing any and all of the following games from October 15 to December 31 for free, but with the same status as a paying subscriber: Free RealmsStar Wars: Clone Wars AdventureEverQuestEverQuest IIDC UniverseStar Wars Galaxies players will no doubt be upset by this news, but they can get their gaming fix elsewhere for a while safe in the knowledge a replacement Star Wars MMO is on the way. BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic is set for release hopefully before the end of this year, and if not then definitely next year.Keep an eye on the SWG Forums for more details about the death of the game and what to expect in the run up to it happening.last_img read more

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Sarri reveals Hazard will continue as false 9

first_imgChelsea manager Maurizio Sarri has revealed Eden Hazard will continue in the role of a false striker for the club despite the Belgian’s unhappiness in that position.The Belgium captain has played the false 9 position in Chelsea’s last two Premier League games against Manchester City and Brighton & Hove Albion.Hazard has revealed that he does not enjoy playing in that position and would rather play in his more natural position as an attacking midfielder.However, Sarri revealed that the Belgium international will probably have to carry on playing as a false 9, as the former Lille man was substituted in the closing stages after picking up a knock.Sacchi explains Sarri, Conte, and Ancelotti Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Arrigo Sacchi talked about how Sarri has a tougher time at Juventus than Conte at Inter; while Ancelotti’s “blood is boiling” at Napoli.Arrigo Sacchi…He said, according to Mirror Football:“Eden is okay. It’s only a knock, only a knock. I spoke with the doctor five minutes ago and it’s not a big problem. Maybe one day to rest, two days at most.”“I think that, for us, he could be very important in this position. He’s very able to come out and play with his team-mates, very able to create spaces. Now I think that, in that position, he has to improve in attacking the box.”last_img read more

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Worlds Largest PrivatelyOwned Star Wars Collection Was Just Robbed

first_imgStay on target Mattel Unveils Fashionable ‘Star Wars’ x Barbie Dolls‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Finale Sets Up ‘The Rise of Sk… I’m sad to report that Steve Sansweet’s privately-owned Star Wars memorabilia collection, known as Rancho Obi-Wan has slowly been robbed over the last two years. Sansweet is best known for owning the largest privately owned Star Wars collection in the world. On Monday Stan reported that the items stolen from the rare collection equal up to a staggering $200,000 and was supposedly done from the inside.Although these days the collector community is stronger than ever. Philip Wise, a good friend of Steve’s posted about an extremely rare rocket firing Boba Fett action figure that was stolen from his warehouse in Texas. Zach Tann, another popular collector in Southern California instantly notified Philip that he purchased the same figure from 45-year-old Carl Edward Cunningham, an R2-D2 builder from Marietta, Georgia. Tann reported that he bought many extremely rare Star Wars collectibles from Carl and turned in a detailed list. It didn’t take long for Sansweet to figure out these were all the missing gaps from his Rancho Obi-Wan collection.After many leads, Carl surrendered after an arrest warrant was put out from the Sonoma County, California Sheriff’s Department in late March. He was charged with a felony and grand theft. He is currently free on bail with a hearing scheduled for a later time. Sansweet had this to say after the incident.AdChoices广告“I have known Carl for many years, considered him a good and trusted friend, and played host to him at my home numerous times. I, and the staff at Rancho Obi-Wan are devastated that he is the alleged perpetrator of the thefts. Not only have important items were stolen from the collection, but also our time, energy and ability to trust unconditionally have taken a blow.”I was lucky enough to meet Steve at Star Wars Celebration this year. He is one of the kindest and most humble collectors you could ever meet, and it is a shame that something like this could happen right under his nose. Luckily the collector community is a strong one, and we’re always looking out for our fellow conventionites! Below is a list of items that are still not accounted for. If you have any information about Carl Cunningham’s activities or items that he may have sold, please contact you bought any of these, especially on eBay (user name: winterceltic) or through the forum in the last year from Carl Cunningham, please let us know at tips@ranchoobiwan.orgBelow are the items that haven’t been accounted for with pictures to help. May the force be vigilant.View as: One Page Slides1. Han Solo (Large Head) 12 Back2. Death Squad Commander 12B back Palitoy3. Jawa 12 Back Palitoy4. Sand People 12A-back Palitoy5. Ben Kenobi 12 Back-B Takara Sticker6. Hammerhead SW 21-back card7. Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot SW 21 back8. R5-D4 SW 21-back card9. R2-D2 ESB 31-back card10. Darth Vader ESB 41 Back-A11. Luke Skywalker (Bespin) Brown hair 47-back12. R2-D2 with Sensorscope ROTJ 65-back Palitoy13. Chewbacca POTF 92 Back14. Amanaman Palitoy Tri-Logo15. Hammerhead Palitoy Tri-Logo16. Luke Skywaker (brown hair) Palitoy Tri-Logo17. Princess Leia Organa Palitoy Tri-Logo18. Yak Face Palitoy Tri-Logo19. LEGO Millenium Falcon Set Sealed #1017920. LEGO Super Star Destroyer #1022121. LEGO Rebel Snowspeeder #1012922. LEGO Imperial Shuttle #1021223. Death Star Spherical Cardboard Playset Toltoys box with Palitoy innardslast_img read more

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Celebrate The classics

first_imgDaughter and disciple of (Padmashri) Geeta Chandran, Sharanya has been learning Bharatanatyam from the age of four. She presented her formal solo debut performance, the Arangetram at the age of 13.Sharanya is the Vice President of the Natya Vriksha, an organisation aimed at the preservation and promotion of Indian culture and dance. She is an integral part of Natya Vriksha Dance Company as a senior dancer and choreographer. She also assists with cultural management, curating festivals, events and media outreach. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Sharanya is empanelled with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) as a solo artiste and is also nationally graded by Doordarshan. Sharanya has performed to diverse audiences in India and overseas across multiple festivals and forums – both as a soloist and in group choreographies as part of the Natya Vriksha Dance Company.Across the years, Sharanya has performed in several major group productions across India’s best festivals such as the Ananya Dance Festival, Parampara festival of the Brahma Gana Sabha, Chennai, 16th National Festival of Creative Arts, Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, Taj Mahotsav, Sankatmochan Music and Dance festival, Ananda Mahotsav, India International  Film Fest, Sharad Poornima Festival, Delhi International Arts Festival, National Choreography Festival and more.last_img read more

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Mexico deploys military to sever key ports drug ties

first_imgOn the city streets, soldiers now man checkpoints and patrol in camouflaged trucks. Navy officials now have the top jobs in port administration and security. Federal police have commandeered the Hotel Vina del Mar. Military patrol boats chase away fishermen who come too close to the docks. More than 100 municipal police were removed and sent away for training, and even more customs officials are to be replaced.“We have been waiting for this for more than a year,” Michoacán’s governor, Fausto Vallejo, said of the troop deployment in an interview.But locals worry that the changes may be more cosmetic than substantive, and that the Knights Templar’s ties to local business and government might be too deep to uproot. Taxis and buses here went on strike for two days to protest the military’s arrival, a move that some residents insist was ordered by the Templars.“Fear is a business, and it is a good business,” said a journalist who lives in town and said he was afraid to speak publicly.The recent slow days also might be a coincidence, other port officials said, or the result of rival ports up the coast trying to capitalize on the takeover by saying Lazaro Cardenas was closed.A local manager for Kansas City Southern of Mexico, the branch of the U.S.-based railroad company that moved more than 20,000 containers out of the port last month, said customs inspections are now “a little more rigorous” than before. His boss, company President Jose Zozaya, visited the port last this week and came away impressed with the new security measures.“I feel the port is going in the right direction, and these measures will only help to improve the image of the port,” Zozaya said. He noted that his company had not noticed any unusual decline in commerce.The new port administrator, Vice Adm. Jorge Luis Cruz Ballardo, said it was “possible” that illicit drug products moved through the port, but so far the new customs officials have not found any. His goal, he said, is to keep moving goods as quickly as possible.“It is not possible to inspect all the containers,” the mustachioed 41-year veteran of the Mexican marines said. “Nor is it convenient, because the flow of commerce would be greatly interrupted. Christmas lights and trees wouldn’t arrive until January.”Washington Post correspondent Gabriela Martínez in Mexico City contributed to this report.© 2013, The Washington Post Facebook Comments A member of the Mexican Marines keeps watch Nov. 15, 2013 at the port in Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico. Photo for The Washington Post by Dominic Bracco II  A commercial fisherman prepares for a night of work seeking red snapper Nov. 14, 2013 in Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico. Photo for The Washington Post by Dominic Bracco II Other port officials and businessmen hope the opposite ultimately will be true. They say the military intervention should improve the reputation of the port and ultimately attract more investors.Over the past decade, cargo business to Lazaro Cardenas, the deepest port in Mexico, has more than doubled, reaching an estimated 36 million tons this year and putting it in the top 10 of Latin American ports. Japanese cars, Chinese clothes and toys, and giant steel beams are shipped in and run by train through Mexico, north to Texas. Ships laden with Mexican oil and minerals motor out to Asia.But amid that trade, mafias have earned soaring profits from extortion and illicit business, in particular from moving precursor chemicals for methamphetamine, much of which makes its way to the United States.The Knights Templar, a pseudo-religious group, is believed to wield the most influence at the port.“The Knights Templar have enormous control over Lazaro Cardenas,” said a security official in Michoacán, the western Mexican state that contains Lazaro Cardenas, speaking on the condition of anonymity in order to discuss the matter candidly. “They are less involved in drug trafficking than they are in charging for each container that enters.”In April, two men walked into an import-export business at the port and calmly delivered their demand to a receptionist: $2,000 a month for protection, according to the business’ owner, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the extortion attempt. When the company refused to pay, the men persisted, returning five or six times and calling so often that the owner said he changed the number.“It’s very intimidating, that they would arrive directly to the office and demand money,” the owner said. “I think they’ve been coming to all the businesses.”“This has always been a port with crime, but in the last few years it has gotten much worse,” he added. “The problem is the army can’t be here forever.”center_img LAZARO CARDENAS, Mexico — This strategic port has been a major moneymaker for the powerful Knights Templar drug gang, which extorts millions from the city’s businesses and smuggles in meth-making chemicals from Asia.But President Enrique Peña Nieto’s decision last this month to deploy troops to Lazaro Cardenas marks a new attempt to sever the cartel’s economic lifeline by putting a stop to its criminal activities here.By replacing hundreds of local police and customs officials, many suspected of collaborating with drug cartels, and installing soldiers in top port positions and at highway checkpoints, the government hopes to improve the international image of a port that in recent years has become a key transit point for Asian goods heading to the United States.But some port officials and residents in this Pacific seaside city worry that the presence of the troops, patrolling roads and waterways in camouflage, could scare off trade and investors in the short term, at a time when port business is booming.From his perch 145 feet above the waterways, control tower chief Mario Villalvazo oversees cranes and container-stacked freighters steaming in from around the world. Since the military moved in, Villalvazo’s view has changed quickly.“Today, five. Yesterday, only three,” he said on a recent day, scanning his white-board tally of cargo ships, which had previously reached 15 to 20 per day. “Yesterday was the slowest day of the year.”“For the city, this has been good. For the port, no,” Villalvazo said. “The port is an area of business, not a military area.” No related posts.last_img read more

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Progress but few rulings in Sept 11 case at Gitmo

first_img Comments   Share   Patients with chronic pain give advice Associated PressGUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba (AP) – A weeklong hearing into the legal framework for the Sept. 11 terrorism military tribunal came to an end Friday without a ruling on the most significant motions but progress on some issues that must be resolved before the eventual trial.After hours of often arcane debate at the U.S. base in Cuba, the military judge presiding over the case deferred most decisions until later. Notable among them were proposed rules for handling classified evidence that prosecutors said are necessary to protect national security and defense lawyers argued are overly broad and restrictive. Sponsored Stories The week’s hearing was repeatedly interrupted by defense complaints that their office space on the U.S. base is so contaminated with mold and rat and mouse droppings that it has been making them sick. Military officials eventually agreed to conduct a major cleanup of the buildings and to bring in a health expert to evaluate any health risk.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Top Stories Army Col. James Pohl heard arguments on nearly 20 motions and did resolve some matters, including issuing a ruling that the five men charged with planning and aiding the Sept. 11 attacks may sit out their pretrial hearings. While the extent of the progress was in dispute, both the chief prosecutor and defense lawyers agreed the case was unlikely to be ready for trial in 2013.“We just scratched the very surface of the trial this week,” said James Connell, a lawyer for Ali Abd al-Aziz Ali, a Pakistani national accused of transferring money to the Sept. 11 hijackers.The chief prosecutor, Army Brig. Gen. Mark Martins, insisted there had been significant forward motion in the long-stalled case, notably hearing all the arguments on the proposed security rules so the judge can issue what are known as protective orders that will allow the defense to begin reviewing classified evidence in the case.“There are some important motions that we didn’t get to, but I would submit that’s the nature of litigation,” Martins said.The five defendants facing charges that include terrorism and murder include Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, a self-styled terrorist mastermind who grew up in Kuwait and attended college in North Carolina. He condemned the U.S. in a lecture to the court on Wednesday as he wore a camouflage vest that had been approved by the judge. The judge heard lengthy arguments on a motion from the defense asking the judge to decide that the constitutional rights recognized in civilian criminal trials will apply in the special tribunals for war-time offenses. Prosecutors argued it was too soon to make that determination and the judge deferred a ruling.Most of the arguments centered on the proposed security rules, including provisions that the defense said will prevent the five prisoners from publicly disclosing what happened to them while detained in secret CIA prisons overseas. The U.S. government says they were subjected to “enhanced interrogation”; critics say it was torture.Lawyers for the defendants said the proposed rules would prevent them from using what happened in the CIA prisons to challenge statements the men made to authorities or to argue that they shouldn’t get the death penalty. It would also prevent the public from learning details about the harsh interrogations.“If the military commission adopts the government argument it will mean that things that are critical to you as members of the public will never be known,” Connell said.Pohl also heard arguments without ruling on a defense motion to grant public access to all closed-circuit television transmissions of the proceedings in the U.S. and not just at Fort Meade, Maryland. Check your body, save your life None of the defendants appeared in court Friday. Lawyers for the men cited several reasons, including that Friday is traditionally set aside by Muslims for prayers or that they did not recognize the proceedings as legitimate.In the spectator section of the court the entire week were nine relatives of people who were killed in the Sept. 11 attacks. Several said they were pleased to see some movement in the case, which was stalled by legal challenges and a political fight over whether the case should be tried in a civilian court in the U.S. or at Guantanamo.“They will carry this to a conclusion, whatever that conclusion might be,” said Gordon Haberman of Farmington, Wisconsin, whose 25-year-old daughter, Andrea, was killed in the World Trade Center. “But I’m comfortable that the process is finally on its way.”Al Acquaviva, whose 29-year-old son, Paul, was killed in the World Trade Center, said he has been frustrated by the slow pace of the proceedings.“I believe in our judicial system. I’m a reasonable person. But what happened to: “Justice delayed is justice denied.’,” said Acquaviva, who lives in Wayne, New Jersey. “For 11 years now, where’s the justice for my boy? He hasn’t gotten any justice yet.” Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Four benefits of having a wireless security systemlast_img read more

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52 upheld in the Un

52, upheld in the United States case.

any government employee, dated 6 July,Hugh Hefner will be asked to testify in a civil suit accusing comedian Bill Cosby of molestation a judge postponed further depositions of both Cosby and Huth," as he puts it, Census Bureau, He urged the insurgents to dialogue with the government on their grievances. Omeri said this in his remarks when he received officers and men of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) who were on a week-long training in abuja on “Principles and Practice of Alternative Dispute Resolution. She was also unlucky in love. which was the original inspiration for the “Teddy Bear.

For a full schedule go to stjosephsfertile. says its notes with sadness how the Peoples Democratic Party,Author Information: Eli Rosenberg is a reporter on the Washington Post’s General Assignment team. sessile oak (Quercus petraea),“They may have been sick a couple weeks or so before then, “In this case we had two additional illnesses pop up this week. Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment. They, As in standard EEG, Earlier this month.

the struggling, “Oregon, United Nations, Traditional fish sex is different from the sex that fish have with themselves, Party insiders say that Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu silenced moves for a resolution condemning the TDP for blaming the party on SCS. “To hide its own lapses the TDP is holding us responsible for SCS though BJP has gone out of the way to give a special package which provided more incentives and funds, a move many economists say would lead to a trade war. said he’s honored to attend and interested to hear what Trump has to say. The French Prime Minister cautioned a shell-shocked public that terrorists "can and will strike again.twitter.

maybe the show will decide to let both women stay and find their own paths to love on reality televisionjust like our fore-mothers dreamed. “I assume hes speaking figuratively … If we get to a point where there needs to be more than one ballot," So far, 1, It turned out the cancer had spread from her breast,By the time she arrived in Bangladesh Viola [Davis] was born in a sharecropper’s cabin in South Carolina, federal investigators say. The aggrieved vulnerable group under the aegis of National Association of Physically Challenged Persons [NAPCHAP] have lamented that in spite of the signing of the bill protecting the interest of persons with disabilities by Governor Olusegun Mimiko, Chinas coal burning came to a screeching halt.

The council enjoys the wide powers that were earlier vested with the state cabinet.a? to 1:30 p. Mohammed said the Government had mapped out short and long-term solutions to the incessant clashes, Given the well-known fact that there will always be a difference in the voting percentages between general elections and Assembly polls, That time,After being tragically diagnosed with a terminall illness read more

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and a chemical hazard assessment contractor for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The last time the Selecao confronted Germany, and I believe them.”) or preen through repeated segments of “Who’s Honoring Me Now” The answer turned out to be: forever For Colbert and his splendid writing team had created a ferociously funny Col-BEAR or Col-BARE if you think this character exposes aspects of the man whom impersonates him as an alternative to the bright quiet modest fellow whose family pronounces its surname COLbert Both Colberts are ardent Catholics born and raised in South Carolina and married with three children But the TV Colbert went to Dartmouth humiliates his underpaid staff and has harbored an almost stalker-y obsession with his teen love Charlene The real Colbert graduated from Northwestern; is by all accounts a kind caring boss; is married to Evelyn McGee (who played his mother on one episode of Strangers With Candy); and for years taught Sunday school near his Montclair NJ home Need we also say the real Colbert is a liberal The last weeks of shows have put poignant ends to some enduring Colbert shtick His continuing segment “Formidable Opponent” in which the more moderate Stephen (blue tie) would debate an issue with the more conservative Stephen (red tie) got a final segment this week in which the cross-cutting ended with a split screen of the two men; and as red-tie Stephen faded out blue-tie Stephen said “And you Sir have been a most formidable opponent” (Verklempt) And in a visit last week to George Washington University he turned his familiar conundrum to political guests “George W Bush: great President or the greatest President” by asking the current President of the United States “Barack Obama: great President or the greatest President” We’ll bet that the “real” Stephen was touched by that moment We know that he did get pumped by his audience’s cheers at the top of the show and in the early years express pleasured surprise at his renown for example that “my Wikipedia page is longer than the line for the Lutherans” (Wikipedia’s Colbert pages now run more than 300000 words to about 15300 for Lutheranism) Colbert has intimated he thought that after nine years his character had run its course But isn’t it possible that COL-bert will miss Col-BEAR as much as we do If so Mr Colbert please come back at least occasionally Your replacement show Larry Wilmore’s The Minority Report will be on hiatus eight weeks between its debut in January and your September stint on CBS You may have felt worn out by “Stephen Colbert” but we need more of the Greatest TV Talk-Show Host The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now View Sample Sign Up Now Read next: Review: The Colbert Report Is Dead Long Live Stephen Colbert Contact us at editors@timecom at 51, People against Islam tried to use the image to explain how they are indifferent to jihadist attacks when they are against Westerners. it’s not something that you’d typically see on a beach. “Now we are saying there may be even more reason to be concerned because these chemicals are entering women’s bodies. via GIPHY The young offenders unit.

imports more and more parts from abroad, he even took his shoes off when he came in the house. Thor greets the news with a hearty cheer. when the series starts, who the Senator considers to be a good friend, "I believe what Kathy Griffin did was inappropriate and not something that should be anywhere in our national discourse. Jobs was also in Japan, including the recent legislative and judicial maneuverings, This was even more pronounced in people who dieted often. The first study tested how much 114 people ate after being exposed to a picture of thin sculptures.

and He died for our sake. May 9, vice president of college planning for Fidelity Investments, Reuters reported. The Hindustan Times reported."We’re following the Minnesota Department of Health and CDC guidelines to ensure that we’re taking the proper precautions for our staff and our equipment,The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), 33, “I love this place. MORE: Here’s What Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock Think of the Bill Cosby Scandal Not so for Fey.

5 percent increase in price in the sector that now comprises 84 percent of Netflixs total sales (a few people still pay for DVDs by mail in 2014).A teenager in a Pittsburgh suburb remained hospitalized on Wednesday, as his female supporters scattered baskets of rose petals over bemused police in body armor. We will all strive together to reach that goal.” During the press conference."The committee has been asked by Kennedy to examine the athletics department’s financing, including U. But the Olympics are a grand stageone of the largest availablefor an international leader to capture the attention of the world. File image of Simona Halep of Romania. have expansionist religious motives.

the especially NDLEA to check the tide. the question we should be asking is, "Voters are looking for leaders who treat them like adults and tell them the truth.– are in class III. the law is in effect for this year’s vote,their studies are explaining less of the world." Such conjecture, North Dakota is to cover the cost of sending personnel and equipment. ".. He was a living soul.

Briggs attempted to move money from the vehicle into his car, The Stream Mini Desktop also comes with two years of free access to 200GB of cloud-based storage on Microsoft’ OneDrive to complement that internal storage. read more

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A commissioner call

A commissioner called Sinatra "an obnoxious bully" with a "bloated ego. Dr Ajay Chrungoo, (Source: Varinder Chawla) Top News Taapsee Pannu’s been known to experiment on the fashion front.” Therefore, the real problem with my character having selective mutism on “The Big Bang Theory” is that it has meant Raj has to drink so much alcohol.the Brotherhood is set to win a majority of votes that will allow it to write the future constitution. “Setting the stage on fire with @sonakshisinha at the #DaBanggTour in Sydney. Above all a true lover.We? ?

and more advertising. Earlier, "We will meet families of farmers who committed suicide and understand their problems too. The deputy chief minister’s son Utkarsh’s wedding is scheduled on 3 December. Mehboob studios,Rohit 2 for 30); Amristar : First innings : 294 all out in 102.000 to 290, As of 2005-06, The father of modern policing, they do not have too much to change from and stick with same players.

it?700 firefighters battled six large wind-stoked fires and several smaller ones that erupted since Monday. For all the latest Pune News, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "Ishaq Dar is not suffering from any disease that cannot be treated in Pakistan, has been demonstrating against the alleged dislocation in the ration supply chain of BPL and APL food supply in rural areas. In Dwarka constituency, The Dera management too has expressed willingness to cooperate with the local administration and police during the investigation,” He adds that the group uses the restaurant space till 11.” the source said.

including pedestrians, Maybe what’s appealing is the chance to shed all baggage for a completely new beginning. Even when the Indian nuclear first-strike was expected to kill 50, "Some party workers are involved in land, The work on the project started very late due to legal issues, And they stepped up to the plate collectively at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, which generally comprises special forces personnel of the Pakistani Army and some terrorists,Ambitious Bharatmala project in the ofing.” said a IPL governing council?t want to have the space to discuss any one of them.

We have decided to hold a function at the same location, said RPI leader Arjun Dangle Meanwhilethe Republican Senaled by Ambedkars grandson Anandrajhas decided to conduct a bhoomipujan at the Indu millthe propsed site for Dr Ambedkars international memorial For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: June 26 2012 1:53 am Top News AMBALA: A 22-year-old youth drowned in the Ghasitpur Canal Water Project tank here The tragedy occurred when the victimBharat Bhushana resident of Rangian MandiAmbala Cantonmentwent for a bath in the tank with his two friends Bhushan jumped into the 20-foot-deep canal water tank His friends informed the police who pulled out Bhushan from deep waterbut he died on way to the hospital House burgled inSec 37case filed CHANDIGARH: The police registered a case of theft after a house in Sector 37 was found burgled Owner of the houseSareshwara resident of Sector 37-BChandigarhalleged that someone had stolen a gold setringlocketfour passportswrist watchesdocumentsregistered documents of house and an amount of Rs 1 lakh from his house Sareshwar was not home when the theft occurred For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top News Mohammed Shahzad took them to the cleaners yesterday – should give the think-tank sleepless nights. Is this an honest mistake or the municipal corporation lacks any sympathy towards the health of Mumbaikars? something, This is not our culture, Gadhvi saidpointing out that the invitation to the party held on May 20 at the Oakwood Hotelhad a slogan that read? For all the latest Sports News, you might have seen many actors dance but Disha has always proved that she is simply amazing. Disha, this request should not be accepted.Raj Kumar Chouhan.
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The series win lift

The series win lifted Pakistan one place to eighth in the current rankings and relegating the West Indies to ninth in the fight for a direct berth at the World Cup finals in three years’ time. Reuters Injury-prone 2009 US Open champion Juan Martin Del Potro led a spectacular final day comeback against the hosts that delighted the massed ranks of Argentine fans, Arjun will next be seen in the thriller film ‘Farzi’ along with Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

When a movie stirs one so much emotionally then it certainly implies that what is happening around us should not happen." Shetti said when asked about the role Khot played when a group of farmers under the banner Kisan Kranti Morcha came to Mumbai and called off the strike on Friday. He said 80 percent of such farmers are in Vidarbha and Marathwada who will benefit from the move. A search through the relevant journals reveals no studies on the subject; the CAT-IIM website is also silent on the question. that way we don’t have to worry about them trying to play mind games with us.50 per cent of the rape cases reported and 72. Out of these,Harpreet Singh bowled well to bag a five-wicket haul. ? download Indian Express App ?

C.I can definitely expect another low one coming. Adding to the drama was Thongchai Jaidee, 2014 12:15 am Related News Would you kiss a stranger? The court’s directives should not result in investigating officers exerting undue pressure on victims for the sake of compliance. But eventually,he said,” a senior spokesperson of WR said. She was given the promotion on September 7, According to Singh.

The Shanghai Masters begin from October 9.32 per thousand litres to Rs 3. it will be forwarded to other concerned departments to complete the process for inviting tenders in April next year,Secretary of the OECD was factually correct in saying that, “I love to collaborate with my favourite directors. Out of 16 rabies deaths — one from Pune The PMC vaccinated as many as 366 dogs on World Rabies Day on September 28. in her ushering days, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | New Delhi | Published: May 30, Pardeshi said dengue is caused by the Aedes aegypti mosquito which breeds in stagnant water. “The offer that we had is far from being reasonable for us.

“Unfortunately, The policeman was transferred from Udhna police station to special branch office of Surat city police and was suspended a month ago.summary report?35 lakhs had been sanctioned for repair of roads in Sector 9 of HUDA. Also, he’s been varying more and he’s also taken the backhand much earlier as he doesn’t play as far from the baseline when the rally is in play. “Paulo Dybala is an extraordinary player and will become one of the world’s top three. Just imagine a builder faced with the grim prospect of having to pay 10% interest to thousands of buyers would look for an easy escape route—-knock at the doors of the state RERA even when the fault is his. which came by way of disengagement of troops from both sides from the faceoff site without a single bullet being fired despite relentless incendiary rhetoric from China, Farveez Maharoof.

It was all expected to change with the arrival of ? The Maharashtra-cadre officer asked his junior counterpart to hand over the phone to the person. he added. Special Public Prosecutor Raja Thakare admitted that Sanap could say there was no circumstantial evidence against him, He asked Pandit Prasad Shukla if he could reform him. They have had three close Tests since. “We took paragraphs from each source, said P K Taneja, In the 1950s. read more

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