Guyanese on path to becoming Canada’s hip-hop/dancehall star

first_imgKenwyn Norton, popularly known as “Ken.Will.Win” is a Guyanese by birth but now resides in Canada where he has built his brand and music career. He sees himself as a Canadian dancehall/hip hop artist.He was born and raised in Guyana but moved to Canada eight years ago. While working on his craft, he is also attending university perusing his Bachelor’s degree in Arts.While he has always been musically inclined, it was after moving to Canada that he saw the opportunity in him to cultivate his craft and have fun with his talent which he is happy to share with the rest of the world.Growing up in the Caribbean influenced his musically style significantly, hence his preference for dancehall and hip hop.“I joke with people I meet when they ask me what type of music I do, I tell them “if the music don’t make you wanna groove, I don’t wanna do it.” I believe that Canadian dancehall is on the rise, moreover dancehall music is on the rise once more in the world and I plan to help keep that vibe alive”.He has infused his dancehall music with hip hop, similarly to the way Drake has been able to incorporate dancehall into hip hop music; it is like doing the reverse.He has been inspired by artistes such as Bob Marley, Tupac, Beenie Man, Mase, Marvin Gaye, Beres Hammond and Garnet Silk, just to name a few.His music can be considered as groovy and edgy, with tunes such as “Love You Down” and “Get To Know You”.However, he tries to promote positivity in his music. One of his such songs is “Girl They Can’t Stop”, which supports and promotes women’s empowerment. Another song, he made reference to was “African Woman”, which entertains but at the same time reminding women about their beauty, melanin and being comfortable in their own skin.“It’s hard to say who I sound like as other artistes as well as myself could not come up with another artist who my voice sounds like. While I have had my own challenges since I’ve started recording music, I know that I am on a mission so I keep pushing through”.However, he hopes to see more Guyanese artistes on the international scene. He believes Guyana has been blessed with talent but there not have enough windows of opportunity for people with similar ambitions to pursue their dreams.As such, he is hopeful to be in a position where he can share his road map with Guyanese youths who are bursting with talent but feel stuck as they see no sense in going after their dream.“To them I say dream on, and don’t give up on yourself or your dreams. To those that are in a position to contribute to the music scene, I encourage them to invest in our youth”.last_img

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