SF official said at the end of the year was traced to a large number of layoffs and elimination

[Abstract] although China’s express delivery has soared to 20 billion / year, the next year’s industry is very uncertain.



technology news (Le Tian) December 28th news, many industry insiders broke the news, SF express recently launched a large number of layoffs. This is president Wang Wei Ren Shunfeng personally BG SF express, fifth times to start layoffs.

SF public affairs Chen Huan said that SF no layoffs, the company’s business after the end of the assessment based on out, does not involve the front-line staff, in the hope that the rapid development of the company, to remind the staff to strengthen self-discipline, to keep up with the enterprise reform ideas, keep pace.


technology call a SF junior staff, the other said not by this time the influence of layoffs.

SF staff of the Tencent said that it is SF outsourcing, is actually a disguised layoffs, outsourcing will not need so many grassroots leaders, "a top two collection of grass-roots leadership wages, SF outsourcing, is to simplify the difficulty of management, reduce management costs."


SF employees to discuss job cuts

according to the logistics industry experts Huang Gang disclosed, SF in starting a series of internal partner system promotion, the future of the logistics enterprises will move towards "off the record" and "open platform", the company will become the mainstream trend of light, SF is more than 300 thousand employees of large logistics enterprises, the transition is inevitable. Not only is SF, Debon also in this advance."

Huang Gang pointed out that in 2015 Chinese serious economic weakness, although Chinese express had soared to 20 billion / year, but next year the state of the industry is very uncertain, can be expected Chinese express in 2016 will face an embarrassing year, SF is to prepare in advance for 2016.

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