On the road how to combine e-commerce business to open up the market Home Furnishing building materi

as a real estate downstream industries Home Furnishing building materials industry, the second half of 2010, Shenzhen Home Furnishing building materials market downturn, when we’re talking about this industry, to focus on the real estate market, Shenzhen in November is the implementation of the purchase order for second months, the market game dark wave surging, the property market has changed the pattern of there, in the wind under the strict policy, the Shenzhen real estate market through automatic adjustment shows some distinctive features.

property market situation:

is a real estate company according to the monitoring data of the Land Bureau, November Shenzhen houses a total turnover of 18039 units, the chain fell 49.04% in October, following the small decline fell 40.38 percentage points, down 54.06%; turnover area of 233174.3 square meters, down 48.96%. ; the average transaction price of 21513 yuan / square meters, down 16.15% compared with October 2009, the average price fell 6.70%.

The week changes

from the new deal, the first two weeks of November involved in the purchase, credit limit double empty, both strong diffuse sentiment, the market is showing weakness. Volume declined significantly for two consecutive weeks, single week turnover fell below the set of 500. In the third week to 30% QoQ increase over the decline in the trend, the trend of turnover Huizhang reason has been extended to the end of the month.

building materials industry market:

main market building materials industry is the new building owners need to buy a large number of new home decoration materials and furniture, due to the current real estate market is not clear, and the majority of pre buyers for real, although the purchase order is intended to suppress real, in fact it is not easily shot as home. As a result, Home Furnishing building materials market to continue promotions offered in the major industries price rising at


large home building materials stores gradually lead the home building materials market, the dominant position. Although the product brand, category, supporting service and other aspects of the supermarkets have their own advantages, in fact, under the influence of the circumstance according to the usual marketing tools and methods are difficult to change the flow of small, low turnover situation.

currently Home Furnishing building materials stores mainly through the promotion to attract customers to participate in group purchase and consumption, the introduction of different group purchase activity theme monthly, event highlights similar, not discount let not send gifts, cash coupons, similar to the passive situation of this type of marketing it is difficult for us to break the market. Because Shenzhen is Home Furnishing building materials market greatly small add up to less than 100, if every shopping mall held monthly activities in different periods, believe in limited customer groups, such as building materials businesses are difficult to wish for thousands of people or the volume of the 2 million group purchase group purchase. Not impossible, but at present in the industry marketing planning seems legalistic, in the past 1 years and see which shopping channels and ways to better develop the market.

home building materials shopping malls should do a good job in network promotion, into e-commerce!

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