2011 China footwear B2C year-end point

at the end of December, Analysys International released "UV" monitoring report, the main B2C Chinese footwear manufacturers in October data show: October China footwear website overall traffic decline, ranked in the top two, is still the music Amoy and good music to buy, followed by the excellent shopping network, making shoes, street network, cool sports shoes, Amoy net and the library name shoes, pattern did not change much.


also released in the month of March footwear business vertical access number list, to Amoy and buy music as the representative of the electricity supplier to occupy the top two, and Fujian business representative making shoes, veoshoesshoes and Amoy shoes Network occupies the first 345 seating, West Street Network and cool movement column seventh and ninth, and the excellent shopping network was not born.

comments 2011 excellent purchase network: my father is Li Gang

market amidst the winds of change, The seas are in turmoil. At the end of 2011 Chinese shoe market electricity supplier in the field, first of all, can not fail to mention the excellent shopping network, excellent shopping network as of 2011 China footwear business upstart, bdbl joined forces, relying on a strong supply chain advantage, strong capital boost, coupled with ultra luxurious "the Milky Way Corps" operation, to have people, money, channel channel, have the resources to become the climate resources, everything is ready, only a matter of time.

BTW: excellent purchase of the predecessor is also heavily invested BELLE to create Amoy show network, Amoy show network operation is certainly not a success, this is the best buy must remember. Excellent buy gorgeous Galaxy team success depends on the market test.

: the tiger and the comments of the 2011 Lok Amphiura

single from the specific traffic data released, Amoy music and good music to buy data have obvious advantages, the large distances with other competitors, of course with the fast they attract capital are inseparable, both have been completed three rounds of financing, with the capital boost, the platform has gained rapid development, to seize the market first, occupy the leading position of the industry.

After entering

in 2011, Le Amoy changed in the past a low-key approach, after the completion of the C round of financing, through the "immediately shed shock video," Baidu home "," public feeding shoes "and a series of millions of huge capital investment speculation, help platform host, for a time, traffic and orders increase exposure platform vice president Chen Hu, so music Amoy announced to the outside world in 2011 high-profile Lok sales target to reach 1 billion, for the industry leader to sit seat.

in July after the interruption of burn yell, Le Amoy platform traffic continues to decline, once the loss of more than 20%, in the face of this unfavorable situation, Bi Sheng team in addition to speed up the "angry birds", "fruit ninja" brand launch, have to modify the annual sales target, from 1 billion to 6 hundred million, and Bi Sheng is in the 2011 China EU economic leader of Chinese propaganda meeting, openly badmouth the electricity supplier, was criticized by many people in the industry. 2011, Le Amoy, I have to say what is good? "

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