The right to regret into the consumer protection law integrity first, win-win

The draft amendment

April 23rd "consumer protection law", "the right to regret" intends to enter the "consumer protection law" the news instantly triggered hot discussion in the electricity industry and the whole business environment. 366ec Xiaobian take you into a lively.

regret the right to protect the consumer, hit the confidence of businesses

[draft] operators sell commodities on the Internet, television, telephone, mail order, consumers have the right to return within seven days from the date of receipt of goods, but according to the commodity nature should not be returned except. The business operator shall, within seven days from the date of receipt of the returned goods, return the price paid by the consumer.

from the contents of the bill, you can imagine online shopping before the consumer to enhance the weak position of consumers, through the network platform to repurchase products, if not satisfied can return within 7 days, it seems to make businesses have lost confidence. Because the goods appears to be sold out, but the money in my hand is not practical, at least 7 days money is seemingly in their own hands, but there is no guarantee for naught, Paul allowed a consumer not happy, they clamored to return the repayment.

366ec but Xiaobian that "real right regrets" brought is not only in order to safeguard the interests of consumers, it is to some extent in order to regulate the off-site shopping behavior, ensure the common interests of consumers and businesses. Of course, this must be mentioned in front of good faith.

the right to regret not only against the extre mely subtle, who win.

nowadays, network, TV, telephone, mail and other off-site shopping behavior, online shopping behavior is relatively common. Online shopping behavior refers to the establishment of online shopping behavior rules in the service provider – Mall, online shopping system, businesses can quickly open the shopping platform, to attract the majority of consumers, until the whole process of single receipt of consumers.

366ec small series that acts as a representative of the presence of shopping online shopping and spatial and temporal limitations of the platform, consumers can only see the merchant through the beautification of the goods, so the error is a common thing to buy. Just think, the online shopping platform many bad reviews may be caused by the occurrence of. Consumers’ regret right seemingly puzzling, but in reality is the common interests of businesses and buyers.

first, the right to regret to protect the interests of consumers. This is no doubt that in a time dimension, consumers for their missing real impulse buying things are not satisfied with the return requirements is to safeguard their own interests, Xiao Bian will not the more explanation.

secondly, the right to regret increase electricity supplier behavior confidence. With the right to regret the protection of consumers, the purchase of confidence will increase, may greatly increase the probability of off-site shopping behavior, which to some extent also increased the confidence of businesses. E-commerce has been integrated into all levels of social life, because the law is not comprehensive, the electricity supplier market "rules of the game" seems to have been some confusion, business fraud, consumers vulnerable, no customer service, sell the business credit crisis and so on.

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