Dangdang released 2014 earnings 4 years after the listing of the first profitable

NetEase technology news March 31st, Dangdang today released the fourth quarter of 2014 and full year earnings. Reported that the first four years after listing Dangdang earnings, net profit of $88 million 120 thousand, up losses of $230 million.

According to the results of

last year, Dangdang net revenues of 7 billion 960 million yuan, investment platform sales soared 77% to exceed 6 billion 600 million yuan, total revenue reached 14 billion 200 million yuan (GMV), and self book sales proportion dropped to 35%, to achieve a comprehensive transition to an integrated electricity supplier.

listed for the first time after four years to achieve profitability

historical data show that in 2010 Dangdang listed in the first year of profit 30 million 800 thousand yuan, to actively respond to market competition and business layout, 2011, 2012, 2013 for three consecutive years of net loss was -2.28 billion, -4.44 billion, and -1.43 billion yuan.

since the fourth quarter of 2013, Dangdang consecutive quarterly profit in 2014 to achieve net profit of $88 million 120 thousand, more than the first year of listing (in 2010) of 30 million 800 thousand yuan ($five).

it is worth noting that, in 2014 Dangdang gross margin was 18.5%, but also for the past three years to achieve a rebound, indicating a substantial improvement in Dangdang profitability.

Dangdang chairman Yu Yu said: in 2014 Dangdang played a beautiful turnaround, every quarter to achieve growth and profitability. Taking into account last year, we have invested heavily in market development, wireless development and digital new business, this performance is more difficult to come by."

out of the library self

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Dangdang books category the whole network first advantage, Tmall, jointly settled through one shop gezonglianheng strategy in 2014, other electricity providers gradually withdraw from the book self, Dangdang fourth quarter Book electricity market share reached 43.5%, higher than the third quarter of 40.3% (Analysys report).

reported that in 2014 Dangdang active users reached 24 million, ranking China’s electricity supplier in the top three, second only to Tmall and Jingdong. Customer quality, Dangdang is located in the first electricity supplier. Analysys data show that in the fourth quarter of 2014, Chinese mainstream self B2C electricity supplier website conversion rate, conversion rate of 2.2% should continue to maintain the leading.

in logistics efficiency and customer experience, 2014 Dangdang to 30 million yuan to promote social logistics investment 100 million yuan, the annual order time shortened nearly 10 hours, 111 of Tianda City reached 600, most of which is the three or four line of the city.

2014, Dangdang also on brand made a bold innovation, with the slogan "fifteen years Dangdang Dangdang online shopping to enjoy" upgraded to "dare Dangdang" by young consumers. Research shows that 90 percent of the total number of users Dangdang has accounted for 1/3.

transformation integrated electricity supplier


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